Startups & expeditions

We see startups as expeditions. With a clear goal, a good team and the will to get there, the path will be made as you walk.
20% is joy, 80% is about putting one foot in front of the other.

What we do

For 10 years we have worked with norwegian startups. We put all lessons learned from expeditions and previous startups into building new ventures - fast(er)!

About Fram Venture AS

Beeing involved in Norwegian startups since early 2000 and with a heart for expeditions, Christian Hager founded Fram Venture in 2014 to put a professional frame around all the projects he is involved in. After crossing Svalbard on a 30 days ski expedition in 2013 the idea for this company was born - a company that looks at startups as if they were expeditions.

Fram Venture invests in startups by helping to build them. Fram's vision is to be seen as a guide, a partner that has done some of the mistakes before, that knows a quicker better route, but also as a sherpa - carring real weight.

'Fram' is Norwegian for Forward and the name of the ship built to carry Fridtjof Nansen accross the arctic ocean in 1893–96 to prove that there was no land under the ice. The same ship was used by Roald Amundsen when he became the first person to reach the south pole. We have borrowed the name for inspiration.

Picture taken when crossing Svalbard in 2013.

ArcticElvis AS

Web app, marketing, 2008 - current
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SportsCloud AS

Web app, sportsupply, 2011 - current
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Web app, finance 2013 - current
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Web app, cancel books, 2012 - current
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Powest AS

Web app, powersupply, 2011 - 2012
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Web app, crowdsourcing, 2008 - 2010
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Jeans Brand 2004 - 2005
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Web app, social media, 2002 - 2003, 2010 - 2011
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We have don multiple other projects too. Including an app to gain weight (used as prep before the Svalbard expedition), a web app for board meetings, a web app for creating direct mail brochures and a web app for ordering free school tickets for the buss.

Our list of new ideas are too long to write about.